The Debut Deluxe Collection | Marvel Canvas Edition

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Hand signed Stan Lee Marvel Deluxe Box Set of 12 - 2015. Comes with official Marvel certificate of authenticity.

An extremely rare opportunity to purchase a Marvel Deluxe Set of 12 Canvases Framed and signed by STAN LEE himself. This collection is one of only nine in the edition size.

We are incredibly proud to present our first deluxe editions collection of ‘Superheroes’, iconic comic book covers, created, orchestrated and masterminded by the legendary Stan Lee. This super-size collection of twelve deluxe limited editions of nine pays homage to the original large scale art, penned and inked by some of the greatest artists to emerge from the comic book industry.

These classic covers feature some of the most influential characters that have dominated our society over the many years of Stan Lee’s reign at Marvel. We present

Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk,The Mighty Thor, The Invincible Iron Man and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. The cover of a comic is considered the most significant artwork within the book. It is both a statement and an advertisement that will make the reader pick the comic up and buy it. A cover, much like a comic strip itself,tells a story, and sets the scene of imminent actionand adventure. Working like a movie director, the artistmanipulates the viewer’s experience via his or hervision and art direction. Each iteration of the cover art can entirely transform the viewer’s understanding of the character and plot.One of the main responsibilities of the artist is cultivate an intricate understanding of the characters; this isa necessary bond because unless the character is brought to life in their imagination, the vision will not be clear within the imagination of the audience. The protagonist is the most important element, followed by the antagonist and the location in which they face each other.

The hero must have visibility (The AmazingSpider-Man 223).While a great cover does not need a cover line (TheIncredible Hulk #377), it helps to add an appropriate phrase to enhance an already impressive image (TheMighty Thor #272); commonly used in the earlier covers with Marvel’s more overt dynamism emerging a few years later. A more simple approach is to have the leading character being heroic or rushing towards the viewer(The Invincible Iron Man #80), the reader has to feellike they are part of the action. The artists use of composition, lighting and colour can help focus a reader’s attention to the important art of the cover. A third approach is to show the hero in an unusual or unlikely situation to stimulate the viewer’s curiosity.

A situation or mystery that can only be resolved by looking in the book (The Incredible Hulk #102), here we see The Hulk turning back into Dr Bruce Banner showing his more human side. The characters and properties that originated in the pages of comics have gone on to become global entertainment sensations. Marvel’s own superheroes have survived the test of time from being anarchic, wise cracking misfits showing typically human issues of personal identity and social acceptance or simply bickering amongst themselves (The Amazing Spider-Man #119). Stan Lee’s characters faced the same challenges that we as readers deal with in society today.b. 1922 SUPERHEROES

Debut Deluxe Marvel Canvas Editions - 2015

Limited Edition Boxed Canvas Set of 12

Edition Size: 9

Each Print Framed Measures: 38" x 54"

Comes Framed with certificate of authenticity and hand signed by Stan Lee.

*All dimensions are approximate

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