About Us

Established since 1995, Westover Gallery is one of the South West’s most successful independent galleries featuring artwork from local, national and international artists. 

Rubbing shoulders with purveyors of the countries leading couture and jewellery on Bournemouth’s prestigious Westover Road we are without doubt worth a visit.

With freshly ground complimentary coffee always on the go and with three floors to explore our ever changing collection of art ensures that there’s always something new to look at, no matter how many times you visit the gallery or indeed browse on-line. Experience Westover Gallery and prepare to be inspired!

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Why not take a visit down to our Gallery for a browse. With our vast selection of art pieces, you’ll be sure to enjoy your visit.

4 Westover Road

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 9am until 6pm and Sunday from 10am until 4pm   Private viewings by appointment:  Tel 01202 297682

Artist Appearances

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Home Consultation

Do you like any of the art in the gallery? Unsure if they would suit your home?

Why not call into the gallery and book your free home consultation with one of our Art Consultants. With absolutely no obligation to purchase we’ll bring the art to you for viewing in the comfort of your own home!

Bespoke Framing Services

All of our art within the gallery is beautifully framed, utilising the finest materials and, more importantly, the best conservation techniques available ensuring it’s longevity. The art of framing is crucial to the overall effect of the picture and how it will be enjoyed by the viewer.

Our framing is all done in-house thus catering for all your framing needs. Be it a delicate original or limited edition print we take the utmost care and pride in our framing to ensure we make the most of your picture.


We are honoured to be awarded Platinum Status and being an authorised dealer in the UK, representing all of the collection of bronze frogs by world acclaimed sculptor, Tim Cotteril The Frogman.

Originally trained as an engineer from Leicester, Tim Cotterill began his journey with no artistic training whatsoever. Now, over twenty years later, Tim’s frogs are sold and recognised across the world.

Westover Gallery have recently been honoured with Platinum Gallery status alongside just one other gallery in the UK due to our wonderfully loyal and avid client base.

Made utilising the Lost Wax process from the Frogman foundry in LA, each frog has an enormous amount of time and effort put into it. Tim sketches his idea and creates it with a moulding material which is then made into a 

silicone mould and filled with wax. When the wax frog has set, it is dipped into a ceramic slurry then straight into sand which is then left to dry for 24 hours.

This process is repeated every day for a week until a thick enough layer of ceramic is built up around the outside. Once completed, the ceramic is fired and the wax melts out of a small hole leaving a hollow frog shell.

Through this same hole, molten bronze is poured in at 2,000 degrees and left to cool and set which can take a number of weeks.

The bare bronze frog is then ready to have its colours done!

Each frog edition has its own special patina which is created using chemicals whilst applying intense heat. So, although you may have a piece from a larger edition, no one else’s froggy will look the same as yours! They are all hand-finished, numbered limited edition sculptures which have been hand-engraved by Tim himself.

Some editions will be smaller than others, making them much more desirable for our collectors. Tim has also dabbled in elegant fish, astonishing bird sculptures and his beautiful annual flower releases. Some have also been lucky enough to indulge in his extremely rare stainless steel sculptures.