Ultimart Art Insurance

Exceptional, Specialist Insurance Cover For Your Fine Art, Ultimart Insurance is now available on all artworks purchased at Westover Gallery. You can have peace of mind that your art is professionally protected with one of the most comprehensive policies on the market.

Artwork is one of the few items in your home that can appreciate in value over time, and Ultimart is perfectly tailored to insuring your valuable pieces – with no excess, no warranties, value increase protection and extensive worldwide “All Risks” cover. Insuring your art collection couldn’t be easier; Ultimart Portfolio safeguards the unique features of each article with the convenience of one comprehensive policy. Unlike the individual policies available on purchased items within the gallery, Ultimart Portfolio can cover any artwork and makes the process simple by including 60 days automatic cover on new purchases. Underwritten by multi award winning insurer, Chubb Insurance Company of Europe.

‘Ultimart Insurance Services is a trading name of CGI Insurance Services Limited, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA registration number 310329.’

Instant Cover

Cover begins from the time of purchase giving you complete piece of mind

No Policy Excess

The majority of Household Insurance Policies carry a £50 or £100 policy excess

Low Cost Premium


No proposal form needed

Exceptional Cover

Specifically designed for your piece of art

Value Increase Protection
Cover can allow up to 200% of the purchase price
No Small Print
No warranties such as Alarm or Security requirement
Outstanding Claims Service

For when the worse should happen

Please ask a member of the Gallery Staff for a copy of the policy booklet for full details.

Important: Please note that the Gallery Staff are unable to provide advice or recommendation regarding
this Insurance Product. You will need to make your own choice on whether you wish to proceed.

Ultimart insurance

Value of Art Work Premium (including Insurance Premium Tax)
Less than £1000
£1,000.00 to £2,499.99 £24.00
£2,500.00 to £4,999.99 £39.50
£5,000.00 to £9,999.99 £78.75
£10,000.00 to £14,999.99 £131.25
£15,000.00 to £19,999.99 £183.75
£20,000.00 to £29,999.99 £262.50
£30,000.00 to £39,999.99 £367.50
£40,000.00 to £50,000.00 £472.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to complete an application form?
No. An application form is not required.

Q. What can be insured?
Fine art and sculptures with an individual selling price of less than £50,000.

Q. When can insurance be purchased and how?
Insurance can only be purchased at the same time the sale transaction takes place. If you would like to purchase cover, simply advise
the Gallery and they will process your request.

Q. Who is the Insurance Company that protects the Fine art or Sculptures purchased?
Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE underwrites the Ultimart product. Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE is authorised
by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Q. How many items can be insured?
There is no limit in terms of how many items that can be insured, however a separate certificate of insurance will need to be issued for
each item insured.

Q. When does cover start?
Cover starts from the time the transaction is completed on the website. This is shown on the certificate of insurance.

Q. What does the policy cover?
Coverage is on an ‘all-risks’ basis, which means that the policy covers losses from all causes not specifically excluded.
This includes causes such as Fire, Theft, Water Damage and Accidental Damage. For full details, please refer to the policy booklet.

Q. What is excluded?
  • The main exclusions under the policy are:
    •Damage caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, rust, bacteria, corrosion, dry or wet rot, warping, action of light, exposure to climatic temperatures, insects, vermin or rodents
    •Damage caused by domestic animals due to chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling
    •Cover for the presence or damage caused by mould
    •Damage occurring during the process of repairing, restoring or retouching
    •Damage whilst on display for the purpose of sale
    For full details, please refer to the policy booklet.

  • Q. Where is it covered?
  • Cover is provided anywhere in the world.

  • Q. Is there any excess?
  • No.

  • Q. Are there any specific security requirements?
  • No.

  • Q. What happens at renewal?
    Ultimart will email you with details of how to renew your policy 1 month before the expiry date shown on the certificate of insurance.

  • Q. Will this policy affect my existing household insurance policy?
    This insurance is ‘primary’, which means that it pays compensation for a loss ahead of any other insurance covers that you may have.

  • Q. What happens if I change my correspondence or e-mail address?
    You should notify us of any change to your correspondence or e-mail address. Our contact details are shown below.

  • Q. Will I be covered when I move house?
    Yes, your fine art is covered during transit; provided you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent it from being damaged

  • Q. Do you only cover UK residents?
    Yes. You must be a resident of, and domiciled in, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.