What's Up? | Frida Fjellman

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What's Up? a stunning Kosta Boda collection by artist Frida Fjellman.

What’s Up? is a continuation of Frida Fjellman’s glass sculptures inspired by Erik Höglund’s work. The light-hearted approach is the same, but the additions to the sculpture family are smaller in size this time around. Based on the perspective that top-quality craftsmanship should be visible, Frida chose to highlight the qualities she loves most – the shiny, flowing glass, the fascinating and playful themes. The almost random painting style of the figures is enhanced against the contrasting transparent glass, as well as the fact that the creations are free-blown with applied decorations added early in the process by a team of five experienced glassblowers. This means that each figure in the limited edition is unique.

“At Kosta I do things that I can’t do when I work alone, and this is a clear example of work that demands craftsmanship, collaboration and a historical context, as well as a workplace that is physically capable of what I need, with all the necessary equipment,” says Frida Fjellman.

The bubbling joy of creation is obvious in the products. The finished figures are intended to create added value in the form of positive energy, someone to develop a relationship to in the home, the workplace, at the library or in the waiting room.

“I think it’s important that every figure represents a unique expression. It’s a part of the aesthetics, but it also creates a value all its own. You might not choose the vase that is the most attractive, but the one whose expression appeals to you the most.

What's Up?

I Hear You

Why Not?

What Now?

Ask Her

Just Hanging Out

I Am Hungry

Nothing Much

I Don't Know

*All dimensions are approximate