Nation's Pride (Lenticular) | Paul Oz

By: Paul Oz
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Technical Specifications

Nations Pride - Lenticular

*Due to the fragile nature of this item, deliveries can take longer and on some occasions incur a delivery charge. Collection from the gallery is free of charge

The highly anticipated release of a new "Deluxe" sized Lenticular artwork by Paul Oz commemorating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. This new, flip-lens edition uses two different versions of Paul's famous "Stamp" style portraits, to offer something slightly different, but very special......

Click here to view the Lenticular in action...

The artwork itself, titled "Nations Pride" - "flips" between Paul's Black and White "Monochrome" Portrait and the full colour "Queen of Jack" image, that both merges & separates so flawlessly, with its generous sizing playing a part in how imposing and eye catching this piece appears on the wall.

Each copy (of just 70, Signed, Numbered & Certified Editions- to reflect the Queen's years of service), has been framed in an embossed, ornate black moulding that has been "Splattered" in Paul's unique (but subtle) fashion, with Graffiti highlights of Red, White & Blue - making each edition totally unique.

Nations Pride - Lenticular

Lenticular Lens Artwork 

70 Certified Editions (No AP's)

Framed Size: 50" x 42" 

*Comes Framed in an ornate, antique black profile with bespoke Red, White & Blue "Splatter" Embellishments

*All dimensions are approximate

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