Crimson Glory - Original | Andrew Craig

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Technical Specifications

Crimson Glory - Original 

Introducing "Crimson Glory," a captivating art piece that transcends the boundaries of imagination. This mesmerizing creation invites you to a world where the skies blush with hues of delicate pink, casting an ethereal glow that bathes the surroundings in warmth. As the heavens unfold in a symphony of rosy tones, they mirror their vibrant dance upon the turbulent sea below."Crimson Glory" captures the essence of a moment suspended in time, where the meeting of the heavens and the earth creates a harmonious spectacle. The rough sea, depicted with masterful strokes, reflects the tumultuous beauty of nature in its rawest form. The contrast between the serene, celestial skies and the dynamic, churning waters evokes a sense of awe and contemplation.

Crimson Glory - Original 

Medium: Original Oil painting 

Framed Size: 29.7" x 39.2"

*All dimensions are approximate