Contrast Collection | Anna Ehrner

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Technical Specifications

Contrast, a glassware series by artist Anna Ehrner from the Kosta Boda collection.

Artsy and expressive by Anna Ehrner at her best. Choose between bowls, a dish and a vase in different colours. The coloured veils and bars inside the glass have become of a signature for Anna.

Anna Ehrner is an experimental stylist, her work is distinguished by simple yet powerful shapes and an ability to achieve shimmering displays by using colour in subtle ways. Veils of colour inside the crystal have become something of a trademark in her art glass, as well as the swirled glass to be found in the Basket and Energy patterns. She is also the originator of best selling collections such as our Line glasses and the Contrast series of bowls and vases.


Kosta Boda Glass


Height: 62 mm Width: 380 mm Weight: 3.50 kg


Height: 200 mmWidth: 150 mm Weight: 2.7 kg

Bowl (350mm)

Height: 170 mm Width: 350 mm Weight: 4.80 kg

Bowl (230mm)

Height: 125 mm Width: 230 mm Weight: 2.40 kg

Bowl (160mm)

Height: 85 mm Width: 160 mm Weight: 0.80 kg

*All dimensions are approximate