Contact Light | Paul Oz

By: Paul Oz
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Contact Light - the first words spoken by Buzz Aldrin on the landing of the lunar module.

On 20 July 1969, 500 million people worldwide watched a dream become reality as man first set foot on the moon. For the 49th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, celebrated contemporary artist Paul Oz has painted the moment in his exciting style.

Uniquily, the hand-embellished edition of this release features genuine Kapton Foil sample sections, sourced directly from NASA in the US. The very same foil that was used, and is still used today, as interior and exterior insulation for space craft. Each piece of the canvas has some small part of Kapton Foil added to the artwork during to the process.

Paul took great personal enjoyment in creating the work, given his background formerly studying for an Aerospace engineering degree.

You can truly see in the depth of the detail that this is something that the artist has cherished painting.

This portrait of Buzz Aldrin, Contact Light, has captured much interest since Paul first revealed he was working on the piece. There are just 49 editions of each finish available, as an homage to the 49 years since the landing.

Contact Light

Fine Art Limited Edition Giclée on paper

Giclee on Paper

Framed Size: 36" x 33"

Edition Size: 49

Hand Embellished Canvas

Framed Size: 44" x 36"

Edition Size: 49

Both Editions Come Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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