Carat City Stoppers | Lena Bergström

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Carat City Stoppers, a beautiful collection of stoppers by Lena Bergström.

With inspiration from jewels and gemstones Lena Bergström has renewed the cut crystal with the glass series Carat. The sharp and unique asymmetrical grinding re ects our times with a scent of Nordic romance. The candlestick a stand on solid feet and glitter even without a candle. With legs like cut diamonds stacked on each other and nished by a stylish candle holder in brass or platinum colour. The various sizes of the candlestick form a harmonious trio that can grow into an entire forest of cut crystal. The low sparkly votives is a ne contrast to the high candlesticks. Like little jewels. One small and one big. Luxurious vases that ts all kinds of owers and a stylish bowl for both fruit and snacks. The latest additions to the Carat family are both worth their weight in crystal.

Carat City Stoppers

Kosta Boda Glass


Width: 4cm | Height: 10cm


Width: 3cm | Height: 10cm

New York

Width: 4cm | Height: 10cm

*All dimensions are approximate