Bramble | Original | Framed Size 32 x 35"

By: Zalini
£ 1495.00
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Technical Specifications

"Bramble" is an enchanting original piece by the talented artist Zalini, renowned for his distinctive scribble technique that has been meticulously developed over many years. This framed artwork features an expressive depiction of a rabbit, brought to life through an innovative process that combines the fluidity of free-flowing lines with the precision of careful craftsmanship.

Zalini's scribble technique is a fascinating approach to painting, involving the application of very fine 3D lines of paint on a flat surface, assisted by gravity. These lines begin as random, spontaneous strokes that gradually coalesce into a cohesive and intricate representation of the subject. This method not only captures the essence of the rabbit but also imbues the piece with a dynamic sense of movement and depth.

The artist's signature use of syringes to apply the paint adds a unique dimension to his work. With each layer of paint, Zalini injects vitality into the piece, creating a special depth that makes "Bramble" a truly unique artwork. The layering process allows for an extraordinary interplay of light, form, and shadows, which brings a remarkable depth and realism to the rabbit's portrayal.

32 x 35"

Comes framed

With his signature use of syringes, the desire is to inject life into his art. Layer upon layer of paint creates a special depth to each piece making them totally unique pieces of art.

*All dimensions are approximate

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