Duke | Original | Framed size 32" x 35"

By: Zalini
£ 1495.00
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Technical Specifications

"Introducing 'Duke,' an original Scribble art creation that redefines the boundaries of artistic expression. Crafted with syringes and viscous paints, this dynamic piece features a charming bulldog adorned with glasses and sporting headphones, all set against a backdrop of rich mustard yellow hues.

With each stroke of the syringe, 'Duke' comes to life, exuding a sense of playful sophistication and undeniable charisma. The bulldog, known for its tenacity and loyalty, takes on a new persona as a modern-day icon, embracing the fusion of music and style through the headphones perched upon his head.

The vibrant mustard yellow tones infuse the artwork with warmth and vitality, creating a visually striking contrast against the intricate details of the bulldog's features and accessories.

Whether displayed in a contemporary art gallery or as a bold statement piece in a stylish living space, 'Duke' captivates viewers with its whimsical charm and evocative energy. This piece is more than just a painting—it's a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression."

With his signature use of syringes and viscous paint, each original is created in multiple layers of scirbbled paint and exhibits a highly unique texture

Framed size 32" x 35"

£1495.00 Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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