Boat Series | Bertil Vallien

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Boat, a unique glass sculpture series by artist Bertil Vallien as part of the Kosta Boda collection.

“I make boats that sink. Sink through memories and dreams. I make boats that do not need latitudes, they navigate like glazed vessels toward the horizons of the imagination. One container for Moses and one for the Viking chief. The traveler must rely on the thin skin which is the only thing that separates her from the unknown.

The boat has always fascinated me, for its beautiful shape and what it means: life, adventure, travel, birth and death. A symbol that belongs to our collective consciousness. We all have a respectful relationship with the boat. The fisherman in the archipelago does not chop his old tired boat into firewood; when she is no longer able to sail, she is allowed to rest in peace and slowly nurture the new boats. I understand that the most crude sailor with respect and reverence calls his life insurance and craft for She. A life-giving mother to trust when society is separated from the land.” – Bertil Vallien

Available in four different variations.


Glass Sculpture


Height: 45 mm, Length: 230 mm, Width: 60 mm, Weight: 0.95 kg

Passport Black

Height: 70 mm, Length: 370 mm, Width: 80 mm, Weight: 2.25 kg

Passport Blue

Height: 70 mm, Length: 370 mm, Width: 80 mm, Weight: 2.25 kg
*All dimensions are approximate