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The Beer collection, a stunning collection of Kosta Boda stemware by Erika Lagerbielke.


Taster has a round shape in the classic beer-tasting style. The glass is perfect for tastings of all types of beers, with a design that clearly emphasises aroma and flavour. The round shape is ideal for rich flavours, and the glass is also ideal for Belgian Trappist beers, stouts and IPAs.

Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

The Beer collection from Swedish Orrefors is a remarkably popular collection of fine mouth blown glasses. The collection is designed by Erika Lagerbielke and in 2015, the collection was updated with an IPA glass. IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale which represents rich, strong and powerful taste. This glass is designed to bring out those flavors for a unique tasting experience.


Beer pils beer glass 4-pack from Orrefors has a luxurious design that enhances your drinking experience! The glass is a part from the series Beer where Erika Lagerbielke has designed different glass for different types of beer. Beer pils is a straight and narrow glass that is perfect for a light pilsner with much bitterness and foam, but also beers like Ale and Bitter. Collect all glass from the Beer series and arrange a beer tasting at home!


The elegant Beer lager beer glass 4-pack is designed by Erika Lagerbielke for Orrefors. The glass is a part of the Beer series which consists of glasses for different kinds of beers. This glass has a classic shape that is perfect for lager beer, but can of course be used for all your favorite beers. The glass is comfortable to hold and drink from and gives you the perfect drinking experience, both for everyday and for parties! Combine with other glasses from Orrefors Beer series.

Beer 4-Packs

Kosta Boda Glass


Width: 9cm

Height: 17cm

Volume: 47cl

Item Code: 6312001


Width: 8.5cms

Height: 19.5cms

Volume: 47cl

Item Code: 6312007


Width: 6.8cms

Height: 21.6cms

Volume: 45cl

Item Code: 6312003


Width: 8.5cm

Height: 19.5cm

Volume: 60cl

Item Code: 6312002

*All dimensions are approximate