Ascension - Original | Framed Size: 21" x 25"

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Ascension - Original

Andrew Craig, a gifted artist with a profound connection to nature, offers a remarkable exploration of abstraction through his striking pieces inspired by mountains and storms. In one of his original works, a tempestuous storm takes center stage, with a captivating fusion of colors. The frothy waves from the sea crash with an intense, vivid green, capturing the raw power of the ocean in motion. Above, the stormy clouds loom in shades of deep blue, swirling and churning, evoking a palpable sense of impending turbulence. Craig's artwork not only captures the breathtaking grandeur of nature's fiercest moments but also delves into the emotional resonance of these natural phenomena. Through his unique abstraction, he skillfully channels the elemental forces that shape our world, inviting viewers to contemplate the awe and wonder of our planet's untamed beauty.

Ascension - Original 

Medium: Original oil on canvas

Image Size: 16" x 20"

Framed Size: 21" x 25"

*All dimensions are approximate