Willow | Tim Cotterill

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the 2015 Platinum edition Frogman Bronze sculpture by Tim Cotterill.

What's more delightful than a beautiful Frogman Bronze in an absorbing shade of emerald? Another little frog lovingly clutching its back, of course! Willow is a delightful Frogman release by the master of bronze sculpture Tim Cotterill. This highly-collectable frog is certainly special, and a fan favourite among collectors.

Yours at this low price, Willow by Tim Cotterill is a must have for any Frogman collector. And why not pair Willow with its purple pal, Lilac? See more below.


Limited Edition Solid Bronze Sculpture

Edition Size: 100

Sculpture Size: 4.5" x 6" x 4"

Released in 2015 - Platinum Release

*All dimensions are approximate

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