Washed by The Rivers

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Technical Specifications
Capturing the real-life stories of soldiers during World War One, Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot’s augmented reality project has touched hearts around the world since July 2016. Beneath the textured artworks are layers of animation, music, poetry and narration by stars like Sean Bean and Christopher Eccleston.Scarlett says: "The dove represents peace and the souls of soldiers flying free. It's honouring their incredible sacrifice and creating something beautiful out of the horror they overcame. The sun symbolises our growth, with the elements of nature showing beauty and grace." This artwork features poetry by Rupert Brooke that has been narrated by the actress Sophie Okonedo. The original painting will be exhibited at the National Army Museum until 5th January 2020. To unlock the multiple layers, download the Artivive app through the iOS app store or Google Play store and scan any piece online to get started. 

Image size: 13.78in x 13.78in

Framed size: 20.08in x 20.08in Edition size: 195

Subjects: Florals, Landscapes

*All dimensions are approximate