That's All, Folks! | Hue Folk

By: Hue Folk
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That's All, Folks! 

Heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, Hue Folk fuses street art and pop art to create a style that is uniquely rooted in a previous era. Reinventing borrowed elements and giving them a fresh new contemporary edge, ensures that his work is both relevant and a visual comment on the diversity of contemporary society.

In this collection, Hue Folk draws our attention to one of the most significant financial cultural transitions of the 20th century, the steady move towards a cashless society with the mainstream use of credit cards. His artwork denotes the phenomenon of credit card envy, from the design of the plastic to the sound that it makes on the counter! Financial marketers got creative in the 1980s with their debit and credit cards to satisfy the desire of mass-market consumers to use a cool-looking card, and with it the bonus of greater usage. In this collection, Hue Folk utilises a range of well-known cartoon characters and emblems to create his very own range of iconic credit cards!

That's All, Folks! 

Hand embellished studio edition

Images size: 91 x 61cm

Framed size: 104 x 74cm

Edition size: 45

Comes Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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