Space Hop | Scott Tetlow

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Space Hop

Scott Tetlow’s stunning new collection features our favourite Urban Monkey. Distinctive of the urban pop movement, Scott’s style is both innovative and iconic, and whether the subject be animal or architecture, it is instantly recognisable and very much a style of his own. Scott lived in Taiwan for a time and his studies of calligraphy have greatly influenced his work. Chinese calligraphy is valued as ‘high art’, both for the beauty of its aesthetic form and and it’s ability to express the inner beauty of the soul and spirit. Often, Chinese painters will say they are “writing a painting” and this is a concept that continues to shape Scott’s work to this day.

Space Hop

Limited edition glicee print 

Image size: 64 x 51cm 

Framed size: 83 x 70cm

Edition size: 25

Comes Framed 

*All dimensions are approximate