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Rob Hefferan is an established and critically acclaimed figurative artist with a far reaching collector base. This body of work is an exceptional portrayal of duality; he has carefully crafted a world of light and shade, giving his audience both sides of every proverbial coin one could want or indeed imagine. Love and passion. Romance and lust. Sensual and sexual. Traditional and contemporary. 

The balance between Hefferan’s two title themes, love and desire, is perfectly weighted. The pieces enveloped in the ‘Love’ leitmotif are softly lit, beautifully staged and speak to the viewer of Pre-Raphaelite ideals. The fabrics appear lushly swathed, the décor is ornate and the setting as opulent as one would expect for the beauty and grace of his subjects. Every texture is given great attention; Hefferan’s depiction of light and movement breathes great life and vibrancy into this array of beautifully engineered tableaus, courtesy of his refined brush technique. As such, it isn’t a far stretch to understand why each piece can take between 150 to 200 hours to complete.

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas 

Unframed Width : 26 inches
Unframed Height : 18 inches

All dimensions are approximate