Race To Win | Ayrton Senna

By: Paul Oz
£ 3650.00
inc. VAT..
Technical Specifications

"Race to Win" By Paul Oz

Signed, Numbered & Certified original artworks. Consisting of a hand-pulled screen print on gallery box-stretched canvas. Hand painting with acrylics, splattering & fully encapsulated with imported Diamond Dust. Float framed in black grained solid wood L-Float moulding. (Frame available in Black and white)

Total Exclusive Edition: 10 + 3 AP's Framed Size: 48" x 38

Framed Original Canvas £3650.00

"Messy Sparkle Series"By Paul Oz

Paul is very proud of the production techniques (consisting of various processes), that signify the "Messy Sparkle Series" of embellished canvases. These include hand pulled screen printing, painting, reworking with acrylics and of course the Paul Oz signature "Splattering" effects, before the works are finally fully encapsulated with imported Diamond dust. 

*All dimensions are approximate