Parallel Lines | Ghost

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Technical Specifications

Each signed limited edition print is a testament to Ghost's unparalleled talent and dedication to capturing the essence of musical icons.

Whether you're a die-hard Blondie fan or simply appreciate the intersection of art and music, this exquisite artwork is sure to become a cherished centerpiece in your collection, evoking memories of a golden era in rock 'n' roll with every glance

Inspired by the emotive response of street art fashions, Ghost set out to create unique artworks which celebrate the diversity of the contemporary art scene. Taking their own love and influence from tattoo art in its various forms, Ghost design their own ink sketches to adorn the individuals in their paintings. From allegorical symbols to hidden meanings, each Ghost piece is bespoke & uniquely different.

*Deluxe* (Oversized) Limited Editions

Edition Size: 5

Framed Size: 48" x 34"

Collectors Editions

Edition Size: 23

Framed Size: 43" x 31" 

*All dimensions are approximate