Off The Wall | Tim Cotterill

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Technical Specifications

Off The Wall, a limited edition Frogman Bronze sculpture by Tim Cotterill.

Off The Wall is a wonderful Frogman wall sculpture you can hang from the wall in your home!

Two frogs stare inquisitively from an intricate, winding vine. The frogs have a unique yellow-blue patina, with gorgeous ladybirds and butterfly decorating the vine. In an edition size of just 400, be sure to secure your order today!

Please note that all Frogman bronzes not currently at the gallery will take approximately 8-12 weeks to be made and dispatched

Off The Wall

Limited Edition Solid Bronze Sculpture

Edition Size: 400

Sculpture Size: 28" x 11" x 4"

Released in 2019 - Wall-Hanging Sculpture

*All dimensions are approximate

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