London Calling

By: Nic Joly
£ 2950.00
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The city is an incredible cross section of the world we live in.  It contains every aspect of our society in a small, concentrated physical area.

We can find all the dreams that people aspire to, as well as all the darkness of those unfulfilled ambitions.   It is a place of absolute duality on so many levels.  From abundant wealth to poverty, happiness to sadness, love to hate, light to dark, clean to dirty, beauty to ugliness, we can find it all in a city.  We are all small but vital cogs in the  machine that is the Capital, be it working in the city, living in the centre, the suburbs or having a picnic in the park.

This is an edition of 91, why, well it has been 91 years since the first red K2 phone box was introduced in London.  This piece is by far the largest edition piece embarked on, every single piece contains so many parts making each piece a one off.  

3d Wall Sculpture with 91 in  the edition size but each being a one off as all are handmade and signed by Nic   Framed size 49 x 23"

All dimensions are approximate

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