Life's A Beach | JJ Adams

By: JJ Adams
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Technical Specifications

Signed, Numbered and Certified Limited-Editions of 95 + 10 AP's
*Framed in a choice of Black or White moulding profiles*

Framed: 53" x 32"  
    RRP: £685.00

"Life's a Beach" has been on JJ's radar at the studio for what seems like years - and now it's finally here, we're glad to see it was certainly worth the wait ! The original "Beach Huts" (released back in 2018) was incredibly well received and sold out its full edition on its release day. As some will remember, the first version was a more square, landscape artwork and JJ felt that those dimensions compromised the composition somewhat, so this brand new release is the full size it was always supposed to be.

As with all good JJ Adams artworks, there are lots of hidden references to be found here, most notably the clever shadows - giving away the owners of each of the holiday cabins !

*All dimensions are approximate