I Choose Rich Every time

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Wolf Blazar's spring releases continue to capture iconic figures, with Leonardo DiCaprio from "The Wolf of Wall Street" joining the lineup. Blazar's innovative "Double Hexposure" designs have consistently earned him acclaim, establishing his unique style and modern techniques as industry benchmarks. This recognition has emboldened Blazar to pursue his latest venture, resulting in a breathtaking 3D series that sets a new standard in the market. With each release, Blazar continues to offer something truly distinctive and innovative, cementing his place as a trailblazer in the art world.

"I Choose Rich Every time"Legendary Collection by Wolf BlazarHandmade - 3D "Double Hexposure" Exclusive Editions: 10 + 3 AP's (Framed only - Float Framed in White, Satin Finished, Contemporary Moulding)3D "Double Hexposure" Framed Size: 38" x 28" £895.00

Fine Art - Archival Limited Edition Giclée on Paper: Editions: 25 + 5 AP's(Framed only - Float Framed in White, Satin Finished, Contemporary Moulding)Framed & Mounted Paper: Framed Size: 38" x 28" (RRP): £485.00

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