Hey Youuu Guys! (The Goonies) | Mark Davies

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Technical Specifications

Hey Youuu Guys! a limited edition artwork based on The Goonies by Mark Davies. 

Story Behind The Artwork

'For me it had to be about capturing the atmosphere and magic within the cave and to show the ‘Inferno’ sailing out towards the open sea and focusing on things that are left behind in the cave. I have amplified the lighting and ambience of the cave opening to represent the ship and ghosts within being set free. Because of the nature of the ship itself and the secrets and mystery that it holds I have gone to town in creating that subtle intensity of the mist as she sets sail.

By creating a point of focus bottom left and just further back it hopefully gives the sense of insignificance that this incredible ship is moving at the back of the scene yet when you really study the Inferno it is pretty powerful. There’s always something lovely about a ship setting out on its’ journey and with the narrative behind this it makes it quite special. Because of the ship’s characteristics I have pushed to create an overall tone and calmness that is reminiscent of an old oil painting to do the ship justice, albeit with areas of vivid warm tones and light.

Waterfalls were a great feature within the cave from the film itself so I have worked hard to create a series of waterfalls that really add to the sense of beauty within the cave and how they break the calm waters. The deep waters of the cave showcase things that lurk beneath, a deleted scene from the film featured a giant octopus and I have introduced one that is draped over an old oak barrel from the ship. Because the film is a classic adventure plot with kids as the lead having a huge ship, waterfalls and a whopper of an octopus play on that sense of wonder.

As this piece is set further away I wanted to focus more on the ambience of the piece rather than try and cover too much surface with film references however I did want to bring some key objects in so I created a rock in the foreground that breaks the surface and sits a number of key references from the film which have a magical quality to them, almost like pieces left behind.

The Goonies - Hey Youuu Guys! 

Limited Edition Artwork from the Lost in Hollywood collection, 2016.

Standard Print on Paper

Edition Size: 45 +5AP

Image Size: 26" x 18.5"

Framed Size (Approx): 33.5” x 25.5"

Large Print on Paper

Edition Size: 10 +1AP

Image Size: 37" x 24"

Framed Size (Approx): 47” x 35"

Embellished Canvas

Edition Size: 10 + 2AP

Image Size: 37” x 26"

Framed Size (Approx): 41.5” x 32"

*All dimensions are approximate

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