Grace | Original Framed size 32" x 35"

By: Zalini
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Technical Specifications
Meet Grace, the sophisticated giraffe with a flair for fashion and intellect! Gracefully rendered in original Scribble art, this captivating piece showcases a giraffe sporting stylish glasses, adding an air of refinement to her already elegant demeanor. With each scribble from the syringe, Grace comes to life, her long neck and gentle gaze drawing you into her world of whimsy and wonder. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to any space, Grace is more than just a piece of art; she's a conversation starter, a muse, and a reminder to always embrace your unique sense of style

With his signature use of syringes and viscous paint, each original is created in multiple layers of scirbbled paint and exhibits a highly unique texture

Framed size 32" x 35"

*All dimensions are approximate

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