Full Metal Vandal | JJ Adams & Ghost

By: JJ Adams
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Technical Specifications

"Full Metal Vandal"

These artworks have been born out of an incredible meeting of "artistic" minds, between two of the biggest names in the art world right now. JJ Adams & Ghost. These stunning, three dimensional and bespoke collaboration artworks are totally unique & fully hand embellished by Ghost at their prolific South Coast studios. Wishbone's latest signing have been working closely with JJ himself - in using the Iconic Twiggy Tattoo Portrait, "Full Metal Twiggy" from JJ's renowned tattoo portfolio. In adding their highly accomplished street art style to fully emphasise the original imagery, JJ's classic take on a famous Twiggy has a new lease of life and will certainly attract a new & more eclectic audience. Close inspection reveals a whole series of unique additions & elements, such as bullet shells cast in resin & hand grenades attached to the ornate embellished frames.

"Full Metal Vandal"

Original Mixed Media Collaboration Artworks#

10 unique Originals available

Each Framed Size: 48 x 34"

*All dimensions are approximate