Family | Alexander Millar

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Family a beautiful Boutique edition print by the amazingly skilled artist Alexander Millar.

Alexander Millar’s paintings manage to trigger memories of dads, grandads, grans, aunties, uncles and old neighbours.His work allows the viewer to tap into an emotional well that evokes memories of a parent or grandparent, almost smelling the damp wool and cigarette smoke of the working man (and woman). He captures moments in time when ‘gadgies’ are pushing bikes uphill, gossiping on street corners, sauntering along canal paths or heading through factory gates.

A word from the artist:

"With so much change and division in the world at the moment, there’s a natural desire to hanker back to simpler times when the family provided constancy and certainty.

For so many of us of a certain age, the family was a fairly straightforward unit, but no matter the make up of the family (and extended family) – memories of the family can provide happy, nostalgic reminiscences that help us navigate the world today”.


Boutique Edition Giclee Print

Edition Size: 295

Mounted Size: 28" x 22"

Comes Framed

*All dimensions are approximate

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