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From the fiery horizons of Thailand to the proud roots of the British landscape, the magic of twilight is captured in Richard Rowan’s stunning Twilight collection. Painted from a low viewpoint to capture his child’s perspective, the beautiful giclée on glass prints are a calm reflection upon on what we are doing to our planet and the world around us.

Speaking on this piece, Richard says: “The centre of the painting is four trees in the middle of the Milky Way, the centre of the universe. I developed my technique of painting through the reverse side of the glass, painting the Milky Way and then taking parts of the painting off and starting with a new mix of paint to push through. This technique created depth.”

Location: Kielder Forest, Northumberland

Image size: 15.35in x 31.89in

Framed size: 24.8in x 41.34in

Edition size: 195

*All dimensions are approximate