Empty Space | Richard Rowan

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Empty Space, a stunning limited edition giclee print on glass by artist Richard Rowan.

From the fiery horizons of Thailand to the proud roots of the British landscape, the magic of twilight is captured in Richard Rowan’s stunning Twilight collection. Painted from a low viewpoint to capture his child’s perspective, the beautiful giclée on glass prints are a calm reflection upon on what we are doing to our planet and the world around us.

Speaking on this piece, Richard says: “The centre of the painting is four trees in the middle of the Milky Way, the centre of the universe. I developed my technique of painting through the reverse side of the glass, painting the Milky Way and then taking parts of the painting off and starting with a new mix of paint to push through. This technique created depth.”

When painting each artwork, Richard listens to a specific song:

Album: Hole in the Paper Sky

Title: ‘Howard Sees the Sky’, Kerry Muzzey

Location: Kielder Forest, Northumberland

Empty Space

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Glass

Editino Size: 195

Image size: 15.35in x 31.89in

Framed size: 24.8in x 41.34in

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