Cathedral of Sea and Sky II | Alex Echo

By: Alex Echo
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Technical Specifications
Both the Spring 2018 pieces took around six to seven days to complete, and colour was chosen using a rather unconventional approach. “Colour is the easy part,” Alex explains. “It’s whatever is lying around, 40 years of experience and sheer, unadulterated luck. Magic!” The mix of resin and matt finish allows the viewer to explore the intricate process behind Alex’s work. He adds: “The inspiration for these paintings is a complex algorithm of abstract variables, coupled with a vast knowledge of art history and a highly tuned and sophisticated aesthetic. Or I accidentally spilled some paint. One or the other!” Alex’s passion for art is summed up by his belief that creativity should come from within. “I would relate to artists from before the 1940s,” he explains. “No one had to attend a fancy pants arts school, nor did they need a CV and laundry list of accomplishments and accreditations. They were in a time of raw invention

Hand Embellished Boxed Canvas 

Edition Size 95

38 x 38" Canvas 

*All dimensions are approximate

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