California Gold (Artist Proof) | Tim Cotterill

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California Gold, another stunning Annual Flower Release, part of the Frogman Bronze collection by world renowned bronze sculptor Tim Cotterill. 

Inspired by the Californian gold rush in 1848, the bronze consists of the chain from the gold rush industry, the California poppy, and symbolises nature taking back what was once theirs. 

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked all over the world to California in search of gold. They built towns full of machines and created a whole new industry in California when it came to mining gold. When the gold ran out, they fled, leaving all machinery in place and the towns simply turned to ghost towns.

Not only is California Gold a tribute to the gold rush period, but also to Cotterill's mother who was a horticultural judge. 

Artist Proof.

California Gold

Limited Edition Artist Proof Solid Bronze Sculpture

Edition Size: 350

Sculpture Size: 13" x 6" x 7.25"

Released in April 2021

*All dimensions are approximate