Both Sides Of The Sky

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Both Sides Of The Sky by Dean Fox Limited Edition Giclee on Paper

Dean Fox Is a traditional and digital artist from Essex.

After studying fine art and illustration at the prestigious academy of art Central St Martins, I started my career as a junior at a top London based agency producing visuals, storyboards and illustrations for a wide range of commercial clients.

Eventually I began to work freelance exploring other avenues and took on a number of contracts, producing conceptual artwork for the gaming industry.

I managed to keep at the forefront of my profession by making the transition from traditional mediums such as markers and inks and translated the draftsman ship skills I nurtured over the years to digital packages. This enabled me to produce new looking high end artwork for clients that was exciting, innovative and highly sought after.

I paint on the computer in a traditional way replacing the brush with a digital pen and use layers as an advantage to my process. Having endless colours and brushes at my fingertips enables me to spill my mind onto the page quickly and without fear.

Always staying true to my fine art background, I continue to produce art that reflects my traditional skill set. I embrace the technical challenges of anatomy and figurative art and combine this with the use of modern technology to entwine elements of realism with a twist of fantasy to produce unique pieces of art. I want the viewer to read what they will into the imagery and create the beauty through subject matter, whether it is dark or light.

My work is a combination of old and new as a modern day man heavily inspired by the Pre Raphaelite era. Provoking emotion through art is the real magic and I have been proud to be deemed by fans of my art as a

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