Banksy Was Here Original To Print

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Westover Gallery are very excited to introduce the original to print from top-selling artist, John Wilson's 2016 Autumn collection, 'Banksy Was Here'.

Painting in oil opened up a whole new world of colour and texture to him, and he has since developed his  style into illusionary 3D wall sculptures.

John's unmistakable style was first inspired by the way children tend to perceive and interpret things within their everyday lives. Picasso once said that when he was a child he could paint like an adult, and he spent all his adult life trying to paint like a child.  This gave him the idea of mixing children's art, with no inhibitions, together with the carefully planned paintings of the adult artist.

Original Oil Painting on 3D Canvas

Framed Size : 23 x 45"

*All dimensions are approximate