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The Danger Tree III | Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot collection11 Artworks

Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot are acknowledged to be amongst the world’s first 'Augmentists‘, using the exciting world of augmented reality to reveal the deeply personal process of creating their multi-layered, experiential art. Working exclusively with the app Blippar, world leaders in the field of augmented art. The viewer can use their smartphone or tablet to unlock Scarlett’s poignant work, stripping away the countless layers of paint to reveal the creative journey beneath each painting. Whilst their work appears conventional on the surface, looking beneath the viewer finds layers, stories, music and poetry, and a creative soul laid bare. The concept of The Danger Tree evolved collaboratively between Scarlett and Marc, and Scarlett felt strongly Marc should be credited for his digital input and project involvement, so all limited editions have been co-signed by them both. In conjunction with this release The Danger Tree Exhibition will be on display at The Riverside Festival in Liverpool until the end of September.
Man Of Birmingham image
Man Of Birmingham
£ 250.00
Futility image
£ 250.00
Propagander image
£ 250.00
The Night Patrol image
The Night Patrol
£ 250.00
Danger Tree - Set of 6 Paper Editions with Portfolio* image
Danger Tree - Set of 6 Paper Editions with Portfolio*
£ 850.00
Years Ahead image
Years Ahead
£ 250.00
Some Corner Of A Foreign Field image
Some Corner Of A Foreign Field
£ 250.00
Of Languid Seemed His Mood image
Of Languid Seemed His Mood
£ 250.00
Under A Green Sky image
Under A Green Sky
£ 250.00
A Trigger's Warmth image
A Trigger's Warmth
£ 250.00
A Drawing Down of Blinds image
A Drawing Down of Blinds
£ 250.00