THE BEATEN PATH VIP ACCESS collection2 Artworks

Friday 17th May 2019 we  will see the exciting launch of the new instalment of Bob Dylan's iconic collection, The Beaten Path.

Comprising twelve carefully-curated limited edition graphics, the body of work is hand-signed by Dylan and features some of his most pivotal images. Abandoning the everyday imagery of consumer culture, he has painted the honest picture of America that he encountered whilst touring the United States. Depersonalised and stripped of illusion, his paintings show generalised, universal and easily identifiable landscapes.

AS an art collector and friend to the gallery, we are delighted to give you a preview of this collection ahead of the launch giving you an opportunity to purchase and secure the pieces before the launch date.

Threatening Skies (2019) | Bob Dylan image
Threatening Skies (2019) | Bob Dylan
£ 2450.00
Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn (2019) | Bob Dylan image
Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn (2019) | Bob Dylan
£ 2450.00