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Spring Walks with Obi by Angus Gardner 

Angus Gardners Debut published release 'Spring Walks With Obi' is inspired by his German Shepard Obi and his life living on a farm in North Yorkshire.

He is surrounded by the inspiration for his art - wildlife, and is passionate about painting it in the very unique way that he sees it. The subjects in his debut series are all animals he’s encountered whilst walking with Obi. His wife Pea affectionately calls him the ‘Bird Nerd’ and ‘Nature Boy’ and has to put up with countless tales of his latest encounters and his vivid imagination of how he sees it.

Angus paints in acrylic and likes to work humour into his art, whether that’s magnifying a quirk or characteristic of the creature he’s painting, creating personalities from the wildlife people see every day to perhaps make people think of them in a different way by adding commentary or working a related life memory into a composition or setting.

Come The Revolution | Angus Gardner  image
Come The Revolution | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
Queen Bee | Angus Gardner  image
Queen Bee | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
Wing Commander | Angus Gardner image
Wing Commander | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
The Throne of Halcyon | Angus Gardner  image
The Throne of Halcyon | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
Marciano | Angus Gardner  image
Marciano | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
Joaquin | Angus Gardner  image
Joaquin | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00
Nobody's Sidekick | Angus Gardner  image
Nobody's Sidekick | Angus Gardner
£ 465.00