Sensational Sculptures collection13 Artworks

A sensational collection of sculptures with an amazing £100.00 off on all pre-orders received on or before 30th November 2017 and we will even gift wrap it for you too, FREE!

Please note that the £100 has already been taken off each sculpture ie. was £295 now £195 on all sculptures by Steve Lovatt - SENSATIONAL OFFERS!

Hot Dog  Various colours  image
Hot Dog Various colours
£ 295.00
Pom Pom Dog  Various Colours  image
Pom Pom Dog Various Colours
£ 295.00
Long Dog various colours image
Long Dog various colours
£ 295.00
Queen Alice - Resin Sculpture image
Queen Alice - Resin Sculpture
£ 295.00
And Who Are You? image
And Who Are You?
£ 295.00
Mad As A Hatter image
Mad As A Hatter
£ 195.00
Pretty in Punk Sculpture image
Pretty in Punk Sculpture
£ 395.00
Lady Starlight Sculpture  image
Lady Starlight Sculpture
£ 450.00
Le Salon de Chic Sculpture  image
Le Salon de Chic Sculpture
£ 450.00
Cabaret – Resin Sculpture  image
Cabaret – Resin Sculpture
£ 375.00
Salsa – Resin Sculpture  image
Salsa – Resin Sculpture
£ 375.00
One Fine Day  image
One Fine Day
£ 495.00
Some Enchanted Evening  image
Some Enchanted Evening
£ 495.00