Marvel Superheroes: The Incredible Hulk collection

Westover Gallery is excited to present Marvel Superheroes: The Incredible Hulk. 10 classic Marvel covers hand-signed by the Godfather of modern comics Stan Lee, and the man who brought The Incredible Hulk to life on screens across the world, Lou Ferrigno.

Stan Lee, famed comic book inventor, created Hulk with Jack Kirby in 1962. Hulk is now one of the world's most well-loved superheroes. Starring in comics, movies, and TV, the green Goliath was made a household name in the classic CBS TV series, The Incredible Hulk.

Star of the show, Lou Ferrigno, encapsulated Hulk's persona to bring the hero alive. Ferrigno has continued to represent the character, with his voice being used (in composite) for the Hulk in the recent The Avengers films. He truly is THE ORIGINAL HULK!

With a very limited number of these hand-signed covers on sale, this is the ultimate addition to any true Marvel fan's collection.