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A Darker Light | Lawrence Coulson collection6 Artworks

Lawrence Coulson became a professional artist 20 years ago and remembers fondly when he starting working with Washington Green in 1997. Following in his father’s footsteps he had a meteoric rise to success and accomplished a great deal very early on in his career . In 2002, Lawrence was awarded Best Up & Coming Artist award at the Art Framing Industry Business Awards, the following year he went on to win the Best-Selling Published Artist. Then in enjoyed a ‘sell-out’ show at the prestigious Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair, a day which he thoroughly enjoyed and for which he’s immensely proud of. Over the years his reputation has grown to one of Britain’s leading contemporary landscape painters. Throughout his prestigious career to date, Lawrence has received numerous accolades and released over 200 limited editions with us, many of which have sold out. Almost 20 years since his first published artwork was released, we introduce arguable his strongest work to date in ‘A Darker Light’ in which we see Lawrence exploring some of his favourite themes to date, whilst retaining the technique and flair that has earned him critical acclaim and an ever growing audience of collectors. His passion for continuing to paint and develop as an artist comes from his desire to travel further afield and capture the beautiful landscape.
Bewitched | Lawrence Coulson image
Bewitched | Lawrence Coulson
£ 495.00
An Early Start | Lawrence Coulson image
An Early Start | Lawrence Coulson
£ 625.00
Hopes and Dreams | Lawrence Coulson image
Hopes and Dreams | Lawrence Coulson
£ 550.00
The Gift Of Time | Lawrence Coulson image
The Gift Of Time | Lawrence Coulson
£ 550.00
Bring Me Shelter | Lawrence Coulson image
Bring Me Shelter | Lawrence Coulson
£ 550.00
Sparkle Bay | Lawrence Coulson image
Sparkle Bay | Lawrence Coulson
£ 495.00