The Magical New Release From Kerry Darlington!

A Silver Lining is the much anticipated new release from illustrator come artist, Kerry Darlington, and is all that we hoped for in a whimsical wonderland scene from the Queen of Fairy-tales herself.

Here at Westover Gallery we have a select number of limited edition embellished prints, signed by the artist and available to order.

The first snippet below is the very first to be released from the upcoming artwork and features a young girl asleep in the colourful embrace of a large friendly dragon. Their unlikely friendship is surrounded by vibrant flowers with what looks like some classic Darlington style resin embellished trees framing their central embrace. 

The second image below is now the second snippet to be shown of Darlington's newest work, intensifying the magical scene even further. A cat and a deer appear from the forest undergrowth to the left hand side of the large dragon, gazing in towards the snoozing pair.

Darlington's most recent snippet features even more woodland animals, perhaps positioned to the right hand side of the big dragon and the young girl, again looking curiously at the dreaming duo. Deep blue and purple plants are subtly printed around the animals to intensify the vibrant colours of the creatures even further. 

A Silver Lining is the inaugural appearance of a Darlington work in the shape of a cloud in a beautiful bespoke silver frame.

The full artwork is now unveiled and further details can be see on our website.


Posted in News by Kirsty on 19/03/2021
Last Updated : 26/03/2021