Richard Rowan is coming to Westover on Saturday 13th July!

Art collectors will have the opportunity to meet artist Richard Rowan at Westover Gallery, on Westover Road, on Saturday 13th July between 2-4pm.

From the fiery horizons of Thailand to the proud roots of home-grown British landscapes, Rowan’s latest compositions on glass are often mistaken for photographs. They are fuelled by his passion for nature and travel and see him explore the crossover between light and dark, night and day.

“This collection hopes to emphasise the power of our planet and explore that feeling of our home being so small within the universe, our ceiling ever-changing,” says Richard ahead of the appearance.

Rowan is known for his reverse technique, in which he paints backwards on the opposite side of a sheet of a glass, enabling him to achieve a much smoother gradient and colour spectrum than on canvas. The glass is then baked in a makeshift box where it dries out over two weeks, before he scratches out the paint to add detail.

We'll have a complementary, chilled bubbly for every guest, and any work of Richard's purchased at the event can be personally dedicated by the artist!

To RSVP to this free event call 01202 297682 or register here!

Westover Gallery
4 Westover Road

(Images of Richard © Washington Green 2019)

Posted in News by Simon on 04/07/2019
Last Updated : 04/07/2019