Personal football art prints by JJ Adams

Looking for a personal football art print for the fan in your life? These personalised JJ Adams limited editions are the perfect gift for a loved one who’s football crazy.

With the Premier League season underway, football fans everywhere are cheering their favourite team and players. With ‘He Shoots... He Scores’ you can show your support at home with a stylish football art print by the renowned contemporary artist!

This personalised football art print is completely unique! In an Edition of 1/1 JJ Adams will personally customise each piece to your specifications. If you want to choose an existing player, only one edition of that player will exist; when it’s gone it’s gone! For example: 

If you would like “Harry Kane” (Tottenham Hotspur & England) only one version in Tottenham colours and one version in England colours can be made. Once both versions have been ordered, "Kane" will no longer be available!

Choose a football legend or a current superstar, it's down to you!

Or, you can immortalise your love for your favourite team by starring in this JJ Adams football art print yourself! Just select the name, number and details of the work to make it look just like you or a loved one! To create your own player just select the details below; including kit colour, skin tone and more. Female footballers are available along with goalkeepers, of course.

Sections that can be personalised:

- Hair Colour

- Skin Tone

- Name on the back of the shirt

- Number on the back of the shirt

- Team colours (Top / Shorts including stripes)

- Choice to include or remove set tattoos

- Colour of base to match team / club / country

The work is presented hand signed by artist and beautifully framed 

Whether you want a male or female striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper, you can select a player that inspires you - or create your own football legend.

If you grew up playing the game Subbuteo, you've no doubt spotted the reference!

It's the perfect gift for a footie-loving wife or husband. Or, perhaps your son or daughter is an up-and-coming football star themselves? This football art print can be completely personalised (by JJ Adams himself) and each piece is totally unique & exclusive!

About JJ Adams

With multiple sellout collections, artist JJ Adams is always popular and often controversial. His latest collection, Rule Britannia, celebrates the alternate icons of Britain; pop icons like Amy Winehouse and David Bowie, stars of the silver screen like Sean Connery and Elizabeth Taylor, all in JJ’s signature style.

Posted in News by Simon on 22/08/2019
Last Updated : 23/08/2019