Onelife183 New Collection

We are delighted to offer the new Collection of the new dynamic of mash pop up culture artwork, the first mew collection of 2022 by urban artist Onelife183.

OneLife183 is known for his distinctive pop paintings which present complex collage techniques, all work to critique the banal and the mundane. Pop Art hit the UK and USA in the 1950s, as boundaries were being pushed in both music and the arts generally blurring the division between high art and low culture.

OneLife183's artwork challenges mainstream media values and aims to inspire a sense of freedom in life. With a nod to his inspiration, he takes his New York Graffitist Taki183 and OneLife (who was most prominent in the late 60s and 70s).

The new vibrant collection of 3 hand embellished, signed limited editions by OneLife183 are available now at Westover Gallery!

Posted in News by Ally on 11/01/2022
Last Updated : 11/01/2022