Mackenzie Thorpe: A Love Affair of over 20 Years Exhibition

  1. It's 'Just a Perfect Day' to announce our exhibition of Mackenzie Thorpe's artwork and sculpture!

Introducing 'Mackenzie Thorpe: A Love Affair of over 20 Years Exhibition'

'Just a Perfect Day' 

Mackenzie Thorpe 


Here at Westover Gallery, we are delighted to announce our Exhibition of Mackenzie Thorpe's much loved artwork and sculpture, an exhibition that honours over 20 years of representing Mackenzie's work 

The Exhibition, featuring the likes of the 'Following In His Footsteps' and 'All The Love in the World' bronze sculptures, to 'Starry, Starry Night' to name drop a few 

Click HERE to view the full collection at Westover Gallery! 


Where: Westover Gallery, 4 Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BY 

When? 7th June - 21st June 

We can't wait to welcome you to the Gallery to celebrate such a momentous occasion and hope you will join us 

The Team at Westover Gallery 

This Event will be taking place on Friday 7th of June 2024
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Last Updated : 11/06/2024