Visit Venice From the Comfort of Your Own Home with Kristjana S Williams

Inspired by Kristjana S William's love of Venice, this is The Venice Collection; an utterly unique series of Limited Edition artworks, based upon the 19th Century Venetian stereoscopic prints of photographic pioneer, Carlo Ponti. This is Venice as you’ve never seen it before.

Capturing a post-anthrocene world of the imagination, the artwork in the Venice Collection imbues a Dali-esque contemplation of a life where the power of nature is enabled to take hold; colour is heightened, oxygen flows, and the animal kingdom reclaims habitats lost and gains territories discovered, those left bare by the absence of humanity.

The impact the lockdowns have had on our environment has been remarkable. Absorb yourself in the paradox of a demi-Utopia, where clear, calm waters dissolve the social and environmental conundrums of society.

Kristjana's love affair with Venice began with a visit in 2010, where the incredible architecture and light found at every corner was only enhanced by the 20th Century art housed at the Peggy Guggenheim. It was 10 years later that Kristjana stumbled upon some 19th Century Venetian stereoscopic prints by photographic pioneer, Carlo Ponti. 

With a variety of colours and sizes available in the collection, there is something to suit everyone.


Posted in News by Kirsty on 31/03/2021
Last Updated : 31/03/2021