Kristjana S Williams, the Icelandic artist who took the world by storm

On Thursday 9th May artist Kristjana S Williams will add an exclusive exhibition at Westover Gallery to her long list of achievements. With collaborations with major brands such as Harrods, Paul Smith, The V&A and a commission for world-famous band Coldplay under her belt, it’s already been a significant couple of years for the Icelandic-born artist. So how did she go from growing up in Europe’s most sparsely populated country to working the celebrated household names,  and gaining international acclaim on the way?

Kristjana studied graphic design and illustration at London’s prestigious university Central St Martins. Gaining much praise for her 8 years as Creative Director of Beyond the Valley, Kristjana went on to create fine art pieces in 2011.

When growing up she found nature stark and unforgiving, never seeing trees, exotic flowers or colourful butterflies. It's hard to believe when admiring her artwork, where nature is alive, beautiful and vivid. Inspirations come from all regions, including Japan, Mexico and London. Westover Gallery’s clients will be excited to hear that she's creating a unique original artwork for her Bournemouth appearance, inspired by the town and the surrounding area. Kristjana visited Bournemouth ahead of the show and was inspired by the beautiful gardens and, of course, its stunning beaches. She was also fond of Poole and its Harbour, with more to be revealed on the day for attendees of the Dorset exhibition.

Having won numerous awards around the world, 2018 saw one of Kristjana’s most high-profile collaborations when she was commissioned to create artwork for the live album of world-famous band Coldplay. A stunning mixed media creation featuring an abundance of whimsical, reimagined animals intrinsic to her style, we were even lucky enough to see her work animated.

The cover weaves together many visuals from the band’s 20 year history. ‘This has been months in the making and I’m thrilled to be involved with such incredible musicians,’ she said in an interview on Coldplay’s website. ‘There is so much for me to draw on stylistically, from their unforgettable album covers, to their videos and interviews.’

You can see this level of creativity and invention in all of Kristjana’s work, which has thrilled collectors worldwide, including here at Westover Gallery. With exciting new original, limited edition and hand-illustrated work available on the day of our 9th May exhibition and Kristjana personally dedicating any purchase at the show, it’s sure to be another momentous occasion.

See Westover Gallery’s collection of Kristjana S Williams artwork

Meet the artist Kristjana S Williams at Westover Gallery, Bournemouth on Thursday 9th May, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Read more about the event and RSVP here to be placed on the guest list.

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Last Updated : 23/04/2019