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Fabulous flamingos, exotic parrots and robin redbreasts will flock to Westover Gallery on Saturday between 2-4pm as popular artist Amy Louise unveils her brand new collection of paintings: Feathered Friends and their Companions. Ahead of tomorrow’s exhibition, Amy answered some questions so we could learn more about the artist behind the work. What’s her favourite animal to paint? What inspires her? And much more…

Hi Amy. First of all, how would you describe your style?

“Illustrative animal portraiture with character.”

What inspires your paintings and sketches?

“Obviously, animals and birds, but I like to pick things that are funny looking or have quirky characters or movements. I try to capture their personalities in a light-hearted way.”

Where did your love of art and painting begin? Who encouraged you?

“My whole family are quite creative so I guess it was always encouraged. People used to call us the Blue Peter family because we always made everything ourselves. In particular, my Auntie Zoe has always encouraged me and being an art teacher herself she always offered me advice and support on the work I was creating through my studies.”

What was your upbringing like?

“I grew up by the seaside in Skegness. My dad was a fireman so we lived in the firehouses to be close to the station. My brother, sister and I spent most weekends at the beach with family and friends.”

Where did your style originate?

“I studied art all through school and college, but when I went to university I studied fashion. I was illustrating models in their outfits and giving them personalities to reflect the clothes they were wearing. My style now, uses a lot of the same ideas that I used when I was illustrating models. I try to give each Animal a personality and capture their own individual characters through the paintings.”

What is your process – do you sketch there and then, or photograph and take it back to the studio to develop?

“I work from photographs mostly but sometimes its not always possible to photograph the animals I paint so I look at books, films and other animal photographers for inspiration and then I’ll sketch a simple idea before moving on to the main painting.”

Do you have a favourite painting of your own, perhaps one that holds a particular sentimental memory?

“I love the Peacocks I paint because of the bright colours and patterns. They remind me of the first time I ever saw a Peacock fly in India, I didn’t know they could fly until then and remember thinking it was some mystical Indian creature over head, they are so magical.”

Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

“I love the resin element of my paintings, I like to see the colours pop through and it’s very satisfying when the gloss finish is on and the painting is finished.”

How do you know when a work is finished?

“That’s a hard question…I suppose when I feel like the character is shining through but sometimes it’s more about knowing when to stop rather than knowing it’s finished.”

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not painting?

“I love running and yoga. Running clears my mind and yoga helps to focus it.

Showcasing your work to a variety of clients invites their feedback and criticism; what has been the most memorable piece of feedback you’ve had?

“I like getting other peoples feedback, as they sometimes see the paintings in a light that you never have before and it’s interesting to hear how they make people feel. I like that my paintings seem to make people smile or even laugh! It’s great that a painting can have that effect on a person.”

What's the first artwork you ever sold?

“It was a big painting of Guinea Fowl birds in a tree for my Dad.”

What Non-Artistic Person has inspired you?

“My niece’s love of animals inspires me, in particular, she loves ‘doggles’ (dogs and puppies).”

What is your advice to anyone considering the purchase of art for the first time?

“If you love it, buy it today because someone else will buy it tomorrow.”

Come along to Westover Gallery, Bournemouth this Saturday to meet Amy and see the collection. Admire the work, talk to Amy and enjoy a glass of champagne. Any work purchased on the day can be personally dedicated by Amy herself!

Saturday 1st September, 2-4pm – Westover Gallery, Bournemouth

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