30 years of Mackenzie Thorpe Art

It's hard to believe we've had a whole 30 years of Mackenzie Thorpe art. With much of his work inspired his hometown of Middlesbrough, on his 30th year as a professional artist he's calling for children in the town to be given greater priority.

One of the UK's best-selling artists, his heart-warming sculptures and paintings are collected throughout the county. It's even said that JK Rowling and The Queen both own Mackenzie Thorpe art themselves. He's had an incredible career to date, and far different from his previous job working on the docks along the River Tees.

Much Mackenzie Thorpe art work depicts love for children, the family bond, and shows life through the eyes of a child. Now the artist has featured in a BBC television programme called We Are Middlesbrough, telling a story dear to his heart.

Visiting schools in the town, the internationally renowned artist wants to inspire the next generation, and wants adults to change their attitude for the future.

"We're not listening, and I think that's where governments and authorities and people in power are going wrong," said Mackenzie on the programme. "The child's forgotten, then there's a space in the world which is gone forever."

After 30 years of Mackenzie Thorpe art, and much more to come, the next generation of artist will have both his work and his words to inspire them in the years ahead.

Posted in News by Simon on 22/05/2019
Last Updated : 23/05/2019