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Westover Gallery are thrilled to announce the latest releases in the Marvel Superheroes Collection.

We present hero after hero: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America - who is celebrating his 75th year as a Marvel character - and The Invincible Iron Man.

Our latest Marvel collection features 6 all-time classic Marvel covers, which are all hand signed by Stan Lee, the founder and creator of Marvel Comics!
Without Stan, there would be No Spider-Man, No Hulk, No Iron Man and
No Captain America! In Fact, No Marvel! 
These 6 are all personal favourites of Stan's and he was very keen for these classic covers to be part of the Superheroes Collection.

Prices start from £695 for a signed and framed paper edition, you can also get a signed and framed box canvas for £995.
All pieces are available as paper or canvas, but availability is very limited, so don't delay, secure yours today!


These iconic comic book covers are created, orchestrated and masterminded by the legendary Stan Lee.  As Marvel’s Chairman Emeritus, Lee is recognised as leading the expansion of Marvel comics from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation during an era now referred to as The Marvel Revolution. Each of our limited edition works is hand-signed by the Marvel Comics legend, giving them the ultimate seal of approval.
Very limited availability, so call us now!
01202 297682

Posted On : 12/08/2016

Join us in the gallery at 12pm sharp for the grand unveiling of the latest collection in the Marvel Superhero collection. 6 brand new comic book cover all hand signed by the man, the legend, founder of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee!

Don't miss out!

Posted On : 04/08/2016

Artist Appearance

Come join Peter and Jayne Smith and their brand new collection of artworks for an artist 
appearance at Westover Gallery 

Saturday 17th September

Explore his weird, wonderful and downright tasty world of impossimals with a glass of bubbly 

For any queries, or to put your name on the guest list, ask one of our lovely Art Consultants 

Posted On : 31/07/2016

Artist Appearance 

Come join Carly Ashdown and her serene collections of original and limited edition artworks in the gallery

Saturday 19th November

To put your name on the guest like and avoid missing out give us a call on 01202 297682 or email us at

Posted On : 31/07/2016

‘Being Human’ is the latest collection of original wall mounted sculptures, complimented by boutique and limited edition publishing, from innovative British sculptor, Nic Joly. Tackling the intangible social restraints that we impose on ourselves and each other, this body of work casts off convention to celebrate honesty and the words that, too often, go unspoken.


What is it that makes us human? This is an age-old question, Stephen Hawking recently asked “Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?” In contrast the naivety of a young mind may ask “Why is there something and not nothing?” Perhaps the question of what it means to be human can be linked back to that first painting made in a cave 30,000 years ago. All the forms of communications since the dawn of human intellect have served to tell a story and portray the very essence of human experience.


Let’s move forward to the 21st Century. We have all at one point or another in our life fallen prey to the widespread misnomer that confuses ‘can have it all’ with ‘should have it all’. The pressure we bring down on others and ourselves has led to a contagion that envelops the human spirit in self-doubt, a sense of not being quite good enough and a desperate need to hide that from our contemporaries who, outwardly, appear to be immune to such insecurities.


A natural progression from Joly’s previous collection ‘Light & Dark’, this body of work serves to highlight that we are all as much a product of our hidden talents, insecurities and faults as we are recognised for the traits we’re happy to display outwardly. ‘Light & Dark’ cast a satirical spotlight on human nature, and the myriad shades of good and bad within us all. Whilst ‘Being Human’ does likewise, it takes the next step and encompasses a fuller emotional range, with shades of politics and humorous nuances aplenty. The latter is a key theme for Joly, who urges that “we must be able to laugh at ourselves, we simply mustn’t take ourselves too seriously.” 


In evolutionary terms, Joly asserts that we are merely “sophisticated versions of our animal kingdom counterparts”, and that our basest instincts render us afraid of being seen as the weak member of the herd. Darwinian natural selection genetically conditions us to ensure our success and survival by adapting to our surroundings, which in a modern context equates to conforming to accepted ideals, shaping ourselves to meet the standards of others. 


Social media has played its part in perpetuating unrealistic, and often unachievable, standards against which a whole generation compares itself. The emergence of apps that allow us to slim our bodies, digitally alter our surroundings and free ourselves of the blemishes of reality are testament to our paradoxical pursuit of perfection.


‘Being Human’ throws societal ideals under the microscope, and gives us hope that our fear of judgement and the ensuing need to maintain a ‘stiff upper lip’ is misplaced. Leading by example, Joly has created an open dialogue where shame has no place. He asserts that “the confidence to bare our souls comes with age and experience, and the wisdom that we ought to wear our emotional scars with pride, as they represent challenges we’ve overcome not moments of failure.” His own inimitable style of tackling social commentary through the medium of observational art takes the sting out of the message it delivers. Despite the often introspective subject matter, we are left feeling renewed by the warmth and humour in the art, safe in the knowledge that Joly not only accepts our faults and flaws, he celebrates them. 

Posted On : 09/06/2016

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