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The two newest Hamish Blakely artworks we received in the gallery this week not only marks the newest Spring release from Hamish, but also the next 2 instalments to his collection 'Out Of Work Angels', which he began releasing last year. 

An ardent student of the great masters including Caravaggio, Velasquez and Rembrandt, Blakely believes a great painting will endure long after the initial impact. This collection voices powerful questions about religion’s place in modern society through the depiction of angels, who are elegant and alluring despite having been forsaken by humanity; no longer called upon for guidance or help. This collection explores the ripple effects in heaven and the fallout on earth.

We think they're absolutely mesmerising, what about you!?

You can see more of Hamish Blakelys collection on our website HERE!

Posted On : 23/04/2016

Westover are very excited to introduce our 2016 UK Spring Exclusive ‘Blue Lady’

This gorgeous lady has a new rich purple and blue silver nitrate patina with a silver belly and a bright silver reed topped by a vibrant purple ladybug.

Blue Lady | Edition of 100 | £299.00

This stylish and sleek colour combination will be sure to make the perfect addition to your frogman collection, making it a beautiful pair to Westover’s very own ‘Vigilate’ or if you’re looking to start your collection, why not start it with this delicate beauty!

With an edition size of only 100 please call us now on 01202 297682 or email us at

Posted On : 22/04/2016

Mackenzie Thorpe is an artist whose unique and distinctive work is exhibited and collected in galleries across the world, from Japan to Australia; the U.S.A. to New Zealand, as well as Europe and the UK. Breaking away from traditional imagery and depictions to produce a new, challenging and varied portfolio of art works. Currently Mackenzie is based in Brighton, with new and exciting works released and exhibited on an international scale.

Through his work he has managed to reach out and connect with people from all walks of life irrespective of age, gender, social class, or nationality and his art hangs in individual and corporate collections. He has established a presence with collectors from the world of sport, music, film, politics and royalty.

We are lucky enough to have an amazing selection of both Limited Edition prints and sculptures by Mackenzie in the gallery at the moment.

The Apostles | Limited Edition Resin Sculpture | £2000.00

You can see his collection HERE on our website, or if you have any enquiries give us a call on 01202 297682

Posted On : 22/04/2016

Coming into the gallery soon, we have the most stunning Original by the notoriously popular cityscape artist Paul Kenton!! 

New York Shimmer | Framed £2650.00 

This enigmatic study of New York is one of Paul's most recent watercolour artworks. We think this artwork is vibrant, exciting and highlights everything we love about Pauls work.

CLICK HERE to have a look on the website or contact the gallery by calling 01202 297682 or emailing if you can see this beauty on your walls!! 

Posted On : 19/04/2016

We have a brand new collection of artworks in the gallery by our most local artist Paul Corfield! 

Born in Bournemouth in 1970, Paul has always lived within 10 miles of his birthplace, consistently being inspired and amazed by the Dorset landscape. After years spent working in the aerospace industry, in 2002 Paul decided to persue his passion and become a full time artist. Since then we have seen him produce the most stunning collections, combining his passion for the natural beauty that surrounds him with his adoration of the arts! 

Using his very unique style of hyper-realistic painting, Paul has developed a process starting with initial sketches which he then paints in oil. Our favourite thing about his work is the vibrancy of colour, and the dream-like quality of the skies. We just want to jump into them!! 

To see his new collection you can go to our website here;

or for any enquiries give us a call on 01202 297682

Posted On : 18/04/2016

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