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Successful realist painter Rob Hefferan is renowned for his glamorous, romantic works; and Westover Gallery are honoured to represent Rob and his mind-blowing paintings in Bournemouth.   

Rob's latest work is inspired by love and relationships. He describes it as: "The side we all want to shout about and the side we  only whisper; love and hate, lust and desire - both sides of the same coin."

A typical day for Rob starts at 5am with a six mile run, which is his way of freeing his thoughts and bringing focus to his ideas. He asserts that “some of my best ideas have come to me whilst out running”.

An established and critically acclaimed figurative artist with a far reaching collector base. This body of work is an exceptional portrayal of duality; he has carefully crafted a world of light and shade, giving his audience both sides of every proverbial coin one could want or indeed imagine. Love and passion. Romance and lust. Sensual and sexual. Traditional and contemporary.

The balance between Hefferan’s two title themes, love and desire, is perfectly weighted. The pieces enveloped in the ‘Love’ leitmotif are softly lit, beautifully staged and speak to the viewer of Pre-Raphaelite ideals. The fabrics appear lushly swathed, the décor is ornate and the setting as opulent as one would expect for the beauty and grace of his subjects. Every texture is given great attention; Hefferan’s depiction of light and movement breathes great life and vibrancy into this array of beautifully engineered tableaus, courtesy of his refined brush technique. As such, it isn’t a far stretch to understand why each piece can take between 150 to 200 hours to complete.

Desire’ is a different world and a different time. Hefferan takes us by the hand and leads us away from the high vaulted ceilings, light airy rooms and decorous poses we have seen thus far, into a world far removed and altogether edgier. These scenes are decidedly reminiscent of sexual, rather than sensual, fantasy. They conjure up images of nocturnal Soho establishments, Sally Bowles’ 1930s Kit Kat Club, and the art of burlesque, as given new life in recent times by famous performer Dita Von Teese. Hefferan chose a prestigious members club in the heart of Mayfair as the backdrop of some of these pieces, lending an added layer of indulgence and decadence to the overall effect, as the viewer becomes the voyeur.

Posted On : 10/05/2016

Roald Dahl was born in Wales 1916, to Norwegian parents.   After a distinguished career as a fighter pilot and diplomat during the Second World War, he settled down to become a full-time author;  first writing popular stories for adults; then, later, retelling many of the stories he made p at bedtime for his own children.

The first book Roald Dahl and illustrator Quentin Blake worked upon together was the Enormous Crocodile.  The two soon became firm friends, cementing one of the most eye-catching and distinctive collaborations in children's literature.   Ronald Dahl died in 1990.   His work has been published in over 40 languages and today is considered a modern classic.

"It is Quent's pictures rather than my own descriptions that have bought to life such characters as the BFG, Miss Trunchbull, Mr Twit and the Grand High Witch."

Quentin Blake was born in 1932 and has drawn ever since he can remember.   His first drawing was published in 'Pinch' when he was just 16.   He always made his living as an illustrator, as well as teaching for over twenty years at the Royal College of Art.   His books have won numerous prizes and awards.  In 1999 he was appointed the first ever Children's Laureate, Quentin Blake was created CBE in 2005 and received a knighthood for 'service to illustration', in 2013.

"I could never guess what he was going to think of next."  Quentin Blake.

Posted On : 02/05/2016

The two newest Hamish Blakely artworks we received in the gallery this week not only marks the newest Spring release from Hamish, but also the next 2 instalments to his collection 'Out Of Work Angels', which he began releasing last year. 

An ardent student of the great masters including Caravaggio, Velasquez and Rembrandt, Blakely believes a great painting will endure long after the initial impact. This collection voices powerful questions about religion’s place in modern society through the depiction of angels, who are elegant and alluring despite having been forsaken by humanity; no longer called upon for guidance or help. This collection explores the ripple effects in heaven and the fallout on earth.

We think they're absolutely mesmerising, what about you!?

You can see more of Hamish Blakelys collection on our website HERE!

Posted On : 23/04/2016

Westover are very excited to introduce our 2016 UK Spring Exclusive ‘Blue Lady’

This gorgeous lady has a new rich purple and blue silver nitrate patina with a silver belly and a bright silver reed topped by a vibrant purple ladybug.

Blue Lady | Edition of 100 | £299.00

This stylish and sleek colour combination will be sure to make the perfect addition to your frogman collection, making it a beautiful pair to Westover’s very own ‘Vigilate’ or if you’re looking to start your collection, why not start it with this delicate beauty!

With an edition size of only 100 please call us now on 01202 297682 or email us at

Posted On : 22/04/2016

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